Why My AC Is Leaking Water?

As we all know that facing the summer season in Patna is equivalent to standing in front of the sun. For the residents of Patna, the month of April to July is seen to be very hot. In such a situation, their pain is reduced to a great extent by the air conditioner. But for some people, this pain does not seem to end because they remain entangled with their air conditioner, out of which one of the problems that bothers them the most is “AC IS LEAKING WATER “.

There could be many reasons for water leaking from their air conditioner. We will know all those reasons one by one and we will also see how we can solve them.

What are the reasons that my air conditioner is leaking water?

There are basically 3 reasons behind this,

1. Dirt accumulation on air filter

If the air filters of your AC are clogged due to dirt, then the AC is unable to absorb the moisture of your room properly and due to this we may see ice frozen on the air filter or evaporator coil of the AC & the same ice melts and falls in the form of water in such an air conditioner channel.

2. AC channel getting blocked

When you open the front panel of the indoor unit of the air conditioner, a box at the bottom is connected to the AC, which we call the channel, whose length is exactly the same as the length of the air conditioner. When the moisture takes the form of water, it falls into this channel and exits through the drain pipe. But when due to some filth, if the passage from the channel to the drain pipe is blocked, then the water overflows from the channel and starts dripping.

3. Loose connection between drain & pipe

If the connection between the channel and the drain pipe becomes loose, then water starts to flow from the place of that loose point, which sometimes you can see water leaking from the wall behind the air conditioner.

4. Drain pipe getting blocked

If there is any kind of dirt stuck in the way of our air conditioner’s drain pipe or if it is bent in any way, it causes water to back up and start falling from the air conditioner channel.

Due to these reasons water starts dripping from your air conditioner.

You don’t need to worry so much about that to some extent because it is a common problem that most people face. Now that you have come to know about the problem of water leaking from your air conditioner, so let us now go ahead and know how you can solve this problem.

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