Top Vs Front Load Washing Machine

Technology is making our life much easier day by day. The increase in technology has played a vital role in the development of human civilization. Today we can complete any work in the shortest possible time. Out of those technologies, if we talk about washing machines, today because of washing machines, we do not have to put much effort in washing clothes and even the most difficult stains and spots are easily dusted. It not only cleans our clothes but also dries them, which makes our work even easier. But whenever we go to buy automatic washing machine, we get confused that which washing machine to buy TOP LOAD or FRONT LOAD.

So to clear your confusion, here we have divided both the washing machines below into 6 parameters so that you can understand well about both washing machines and choose the right machine according to you.

Top Load Washing Machine

TOP LOAD Washing Machine is a part of fully automatic type washing machine. In this type of washing machine we have to load or unload the clothes from the top side of the washing machine that’s why it’s called TOP LOAD.


Its price in India starts from Rs 13,000 to Rs 40,000 depending on the size and features of the machine.

Ease of use

In this, we get to see more controls than semi – automatic washing machines, which are very easy to understand.

Wash quality of top-load

More Water is used in this, due to its vertical drum, the clothes are completely submerged in water and detergents do not mix well with the clothes.

Wash cycle & Dryer cycle

The spin cycle & wash cycle of any washing machine depends on its spin speed which is considered in RPM i.e. Rotations Per Minute. The higher the spin speed of the machine, the better it will wash and dry your clothes. If seen, its spin speed is found from 600RPM to 800RPM. During the wash cycle, you can pour water directly into the drum as well as put other clothes in it.

Efficiency of top-load

In addition to using more water, it also consumes more electricity. Due to this it is not water efficient as well as power efficient.

Regular maintenance of top-load

When you buy this type of wash machine you do not have to expend too much on repairs & maintenance.

Front Load Washing Machine

FRONT LOAD is also a part of fully automatic type washing machine. We can load or unload the clothes from front side of the washing machine, hence its name called so.

Price of front load

This type of washing machine is very expensive if you want to buy it in India, then it starts from Rs 20,000 & goes up to Rs 1.5 Lakh depending on different sizes and features.

Ease of use

In this we get to see a lot of advanced features, which are a bit difficult to understand. We have to bend down to put the clothes in it, if you have back pain problem then it can bother you badly.

Wash quality of top-load

Less water is used in this, due to which the detergent mixes well with the clothes and due to the horizontal drum, the clothes keep getting clean by rotating them well.

Wash cycle & Dryer cycle

The spin speed of front load washing machines is found from 1000 rpm to 1400 rpm. Due to which you get your clothes not only well washed but also well dried. But during the wash cycle, you can’t add any more clothes to it or pour water directly into it.

Efficiency of top-load

According to a survey, it uses 40% less water as compared to top load and also reduces power consumption. Due to these characteristics, it is considered water efficient and power efficient.

Regular maintenance of top-load

The repair & maintenance of this washing machine cost increases, due to which we have to get it repaired from time to time.

Here below is the chart which shows a clear difference between TOP LOAD & FRONT LOAD Washing Machine.

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