Split AC Installation Guidelines


In this post, We will cover the important split ac installation guidelines you should follow during your’s so that you are fully updated.

Split ac is such a type of air conditioner that has become an invaluable part in our life, whether it is home or office, & why not because it saves us from the heat and gives us a fresh cool air.

But to keep this split air conditioner working in that same way, we must have to keep some things in our mind before installing it & even after installing, so that our ac can work in a good way for a long time.

What Are The Guidelines Before Split AC Installation

1. Your Split AC Installation Location

Location where ac is going to be installed is very important, Make sure your indoor not releasing air directly towards the door or window which is opened frequently & the another thing, Do not place any electronic or electrical devices that burns quickly placed nearby your ac. Never place your split ac outdoor unit in front of the sun’s rays as it can spoil the performance of your ac due to overheating in summer.

2. Proper Spacing Between Wall & Units

Always take an eye on when the technician is hanging both the indoor and outdoor units of your split ac on the wall, then there should be a gap that manufacturer may have specific clearance between them, But they commonly recommend the gap between your indoor unit to the wall should be about 12 – 24 inches & same as for outdoor also while the length between your indoor to outdoor should be of maximum 15 meters.

3. Suitable Split AC Installation Height

To get more cooling in a room, place your indoor unit at 7 – 8 feet from the ground. Try that whenever you get or hang your outdoor unit at any place outside your house or balcony, then get it fixed at such a place so that next time whenever you need servicing or repairing, the technician can work at that place properly.

4. Proper Adjustment Of Outdoor

Outdoor unit should be fixed on a flat surface. If the unit is not on a hard surface, it will vibrate excessively, which can lead to breakage of the copper pipe & leak of coolant and damage to the compressor or condenser. That vibrating outdoor unit makes a lot of noise that can bother you and your near by neighbors also.

5. Connection Of Pipes While Split AC Installation

Two refrigerant pipes are connected to the outdoor unit, The function of one pipe is to bring the air that is to be cooled & the function of the other pipe is to carry that cold air back to the indoor unit. What most technicians do is they do not insulate properly and leave some part of Rubatex ( a black foam-based type of insulation ) exposed which causes condensation & loss of its running efficiency.

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