5 Reasons! Why Split AC Is Making Noise?

If someone suddenly speaks loudly in your ears then you feel very bad like in the summer season when someone is resting in the air-conditioned room of the house to avoid the outside heat and suddenly your AC is making noise which disturb you a lot.

Have you ever wondered why your split air conditioner is making noise? There are a few reasons why this could be happening.

1. Dirt build-up on the blower fins:


Cleaned Blower


Dirty Blower

If dirt builds up on the blower’s fins, the blower sucks less air out of the room and therefore sends less cool air into the room because the air collides with the dirt on the blower’s fins and kicks back, at that time you hear a weird sound. That’s why sometimes along with noise, your air conditioner is also unable to provide that level of cooling.

Ignoring this type of sound for too long can cause serious damage.

2. Blower fins broke

If the fins of the blower are broken due to some reason or they come out of the body of the blower, then also at that time strange kinds of sounds are seen to be generated. Although the fins of the blower do not get damaged or broken so easily, it has been seen in very few cases.

3. Evaporator coil fins bent or broken

If the thin fins attached in front of the evaporator coil are bent or broken, then a different type of noise starts coming from the air conditioner.

You should keep in mind that whenever someone comes for servicing or repair, you should instruct him in advance to clean the air conditioner comfortably because most of the fins get bent or broken during servicing.

4. Loose connection of blower motor

If the nut bolts of the blower motor that are attached to the body of the air conditioner become loose, then noises are also heard because of that loose connection, and if the bush assembly attached to the blower motor which is made of rubber even if it is cut, we hear a sound as if someone is rubbing rust.

Else the plastic body to which the blower motor is connected has burnt due to excessive heat and due to the looseness of the blower motor, whenever the AC starts or shuts off, then at that time a different type of noise is heard. Let us hear the noise.

5. Loose fitting of the front panel

If the sound is coming from your whole air conditioner, then it is possible that your front panel is loosely fitted if after refitting still the ac is making noise, then it may be because your AC is too old so the strength of its plastic has become weak.

We would suggest you call an expert professional as soon as possible to get it checked.

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