Best Washing Machine Type For You To Buy

In today’s era, we will see washing machines being used in most homes. We do not need to tell about this appliance that how it contributes in our life and how important it is for us ? Today washing machines have made laundry problems even easier. Where we had to spend a lot of time as well as hard work in getting rid of the stains on clothes and also had to face many problems, then the washing machine does that work for us in very less time. In today’s time, every person wants to get the best washing machine for his home which he can use for a long time.

But a question comes in our mind that if we want to buy washing machine then which type of wash machine should we buy? So i would like to tell you that no person or any company or any website or any blog can give an exact answer to your question, because it depends on you how you want to use your washing machine, what we mean to say is that, you choose a washing machine that you can associate with the problems you face in your daily life and then decide which wash machine you should take.

If seen, there are many wash machines available in the market right now, but we can divide all types of wash machines into two groups, which is a SEMI-AUTOMATIC Wash Machine and the other is a FULLY-AUTOMATIC Wash Machine. Further, the Fully Automatic Wash Machine is divided into two subgroups i.e, the TOP LOAD FULLY AUTOMATIC & the other one FRONT LOAD FULLY AUTOMATIC.

Now we will let you know about all types of wash machines one by one and understand which type of wash machine will be important for you.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

We are all familiar with this type of washing machine. This type of washing machine is mostly used & preferred by the customer in India because of their affordable prices & ease of control.

Major Advantages

  • It covers less space comparative to others.
  • You can add more clothes while wash cycles.
  • If you have a problem with regular water supply, then you can use it by pouring water from the bucket.

About Their Body Structure

  • It consists of 2 tubs i.e., WASHER & DRIER. WASHER – In which your clothes are washed. DRIER – In which your clothes are dried.
  • They have mechanical control switches.

Problem You Will Face

Physical effort is used too much during the wash cycle, if you have some problem with your back so maybe it will harm you.

Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

As its name already specifying its term of use. You only have to select the desired functions & machine will perform the task according to your inputs. This type of washing machine involves less physical effort. They consists of one tub only which works as Washer as well as a Drier.

Basically, It is of 2 Major Types :

1. Top Load

This type of washing machines are compact in design, covers less space & easy to use. We have to load or unload the clothes from the top side of the washing machine which we can easily done, Hence it is named TOP LOAD.

You Need To Know

It requires regular water supply with normal water pressure from 20PSI – 116PSI.

Major Advantages

  • We can add clothes for washing during wash cycles.
  • When you buy TOP LOAD wash machine you do not have to expend too much on repairs & maintenance compare to FRONT LOAD wash machine.

About Their Body Structure

There are many advanced features available in this type of wash machine as compared to the SEMI-AUTOMATIC., Like, you can choose different types of wash cycles as per your requirements.

Aside From All The Advantages, There Is a Disadvantage Also

  • The spin speed of this type of washing machine is 600RPM – 800RPM, which is considered as low.
    (NOTE : RPM stands for Rotation Per Minute )
  • TOP LOAD wash machines do not dry clothes completely comparative to SEMI-AUTOMATIC & FRONT LOAD, because of its low RPM.

2. Front Load

FRONT LOAD’s wash machines are one of the most advanced types of washing machine family. We can load or unload the clothes from front side of the washing machine which becomes very easy for us. It is power efficient.

You Need To Know

  • They also uses regular water supply.
  • Their price is expensive.

Major Advantages

  • It is water efficient which uses 40% less water than the TOP LOAD’s for washing clothes, as the detergent mixes completely with the water.
  • In this you get an in-built heater that washes your clothes with hot water which results in a clean washable fabric.

About Their Body Structure

  • They have many features through which we can choose the controls to wash our clothes properly.
  • The average spin speed of a FRONT LOAD ranges from 900RPM to 1200RPM.

Aside From All These, The Disadvantage of This

You have to expend too much on repairs & maintenance.

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